Goa Scuba Diving

Goa is a land of serenity and beauty. It provides the perfect getaway for all those who want to escape from their hectic lifestyle. The best part about this place is that it has many beaches, which are perfect for those who want to spend some time in the sun. But, if you’re not into sunbathing and if you want to explore the underwater world, then you should include Goa scuba diving on your to-do list.

Scuba diving in Goa

Scuba diving in Goa is one of the most popular underwater activities because it takes you deep into an unexplored world filled with wonders and surprises. You can see a variety of marine life while exploring this world which will leave you mesmerized.

Goa has several beaches and seashores. So, if you don’t include underwater activities on your bucket list, you’re losing out on a lot of great experiences. Standing on land, all you can think about is the lovely fish world and some wavy plants within the water. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Underwater, there are a wealth of aquatic adventures awaiting your exploration. The immense plant life, diverse forms of stones, coral reefs, and golden sand will leave you in wonder, not only the colorful and lovely creatures. All of this is possible during one unique Goa scuba diving adventure.

History of Scuba Diving

Underwater diving has become highly safe and secure in today’s world. So one does not need to worry about it too much. However, there have been moments in history when this was not the case. Do you think Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan had a brilliant idea when they invented scuba diving? You are correct, however, this is not the complete history of scuba diving. It has been practiced since the time of the Greeks and Aristotle. The latter mentions sea diving in his literary work, while Alexander participated in this underwater pastime in 332BCE. After years of development, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan, two excellent Frenchmen, invented modern scuba diving. Alexander Lambert, according to some historians. In 1880, Alexander Lambert became the first person to scuba dive using current equipment and procedures. Since then, the planet has continued to explore and ooze in the arms of aquatic life.

The attraction of dive sites in Goa stems not only from aquatic activities but also from the surrounding landscape, wonderful food, shipwrecks, rock pinnacles, and so on. The ideal temperature is between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius. You may dive to a maximum depth of 20 meters. It has a depth range of 8-20 meters, which is relatively safe for divers. Up to 10 meters of sight are provided. The months of October through May provide the best weather for this type of aquatic activity in Goa. As the water within is incredibly transparent, the variety and the colorful fish world you get to witness inside are nothing short of a visual feast.

Scuba Diving Options

Scuba Diving + Watersports in Malvan

Why Scuba diving in Malvan? Scuba Diving Malvan details Malvan is a small town in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, two-hour

Combo of Scuba Diving & Watersports in Goa

Scuba diving in Goa must-do activity for all adventure lovers. Isn't it wonderful if you can combine the watersports with

Scuba Diving+Water Sports Combo Package in Baina Vasco

Scuba Diving + Water Sports (Combo Package) In Baina Vasco There are numerous water activities in Goa like parasailing, Jet

Grand Island + Scuba Diving

The Combination of Grand Island Trip with snorkeling & Scuba Diving can be booked with this combo package at a

Goa Scuba Diving

If your understanding of Scuba Diving is still hazy and you are new to the sport, we are here to clear things out. Scuba diving is a water sport in which the diver wears an underwater breathing canister on his or her back and dives into the water. Compressor filters, breathing gas, dive mask, regulator, wet suits, and swim fins are among the many scuba diving equipment. All of this makes diving easier and keeps you safe under the surface.
There are around 10 – 12 dive sites in Goa that provide fantastic Sea Diving in Goa. Grande Island, Pigeon Island, Malvan, Baina & Sao Gorge Island are among them. Grande Island is regarded as one of the best places for scuba diving, particularly for newcomers. There is no pre-requisite for experiencing your first dive in Goa. You also need not know swimming to enjoy Scuba Dive in Goa

All of these locations offer excellent facilities and reasonable scuba diving costs in Goa. There are several tour providers who can assist you in registering for adventure sports activities. Your package is paid based on the length of the dive. The bundle starts at Rs. 2500 for novices, which is fairly cheap. It rises as the length of the dive lengthens. The Fun package is one of the top scuba packages in Goa. It is mostly intended for non-swimmers and novices. You have 10-15 minutes of practice before you walk into the water. If you are wondering how long you can stay underwater during Scuba Diving in Goa? You can stay underwater for at least 10-15 minutes. Depending on the location, your planner will advise you on scheduling and other factors.

Goa Scuba Diving Packages
Goa functions as a tourism umbrella city. It caters to all types of adventure seekers. There are several fantastic bargains available for both beginners and pros. Whatever your budget is, you can always find an economical Scuba package in Goa for yourself and your friends. If you’re on a tight budget, the Fun package is a good option, especially for beginners and persons with no swimming experience. If you want to get a PADI certification in Goa, this is the first step. The trainer teaches you underwater motions as well as other safety and diving methods, and then you’re ready to booze your way around the aquatic splendor.

Grande Island Scuba Diving Combo

Grande Island Scuba Diving Combo is another fascinating Watersports package in Goa.
This package includes a fast trip to Grande Island as well as a scuba diving experience. It offers pick-up and drop-off services, lunch, diving activities, and a guide to ensure your safety. This tour begins on Grande Island in Goa located in the South of Goa near Baina Beach. Pickup service Scuba Diving in Goa is only accessible in a few locations: Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, and Arpora. 7:30 a.m to 8.30 a.m. The Trip duration is approximately 7 hours from a morning at 9 am leaving the boat from Candolim jetty and returning back by 5 pm. Because of the clean and shallow water, this is one of the ideal places for scuba diving. Only people above the age of 12 are permitted. Senior citizens and pregnant women are not permitted for safety reasons. You may enjoy the journey for around 15-20 minutes. Other similar packages are

Goa Scuba Diving Trip With Adventure Activities – You receive 30 minutes of underwater time, as well as a supper and pick-up and drop-off service. It begins at 7:30 a.m. and concludes at 4 p.m.

Scuba Diving in Malvan – Malvan provides one of the cheapest Goa scuba diving packages, with collection at 7:30 a.m. from your stay spot and drop-off at 4 p.m. after the island’s closing. The package also includes meals. You are provided with underwater photographs and videos of your dive in Goa

Scuba Diving at Sao Gorge Island – Sao Gorge in North Goa is one of the more affordable scuba diving locations in Goa. It begins at 7:30 a.m. and concludes at 4:00 p.m. The experience here will leave you speechless.

High Seas Scuba Diving Trip In Goa – The high seas provide one of the most expensive scuba diving tickets in Goa, but the ambiance and amenities are first-rate. This Goa scuba Trip includes scuba diving and island visits, which begin at 7:30 a.m. and conclude at 4:30 p.m. Such diving in Goa provides offers fruits and refreshments, as well as hundreds of unforgettable experiences.

Goa Scuba Diving Open Water School – This is a two-day scuba diving course in Goa that will teach you all you need to know. The lesson at one of the Beach Resort in Candolim begins at 7:30 a.m. and concludes at 12 p.m. You will learn all there is to know about scuba diving and open water courses.
Goa Scuba Diving Open Water School is a scuba diving course that teaches you everything you need to know about the sport. The course takes place over two days and covers all the basics of scuba diving, as well as some more advanced techniques. The course is designed for beginners and will teach you how to dive safely and responsibly. You’ll learn how to use equipment, dive with a buddy, and deal with emergency situations. The course is conducted by Goa Scuba Diving School’s expert instructors, who are trained to teach PADI dive masters. The course is also designed for complete beginners who have no previous experience with scuba diving. The course is conducted in PADI or SSI-DSAT Dive Master or Instructor Mode. The course content is based on the theory, skills, and practicals of the following topics:- Basic Scuba diving theory- Breathing air and underwater environments- Buoyancy control- Equipment use and maintenance- Diving with a buddy- Emergency procedures. When you complete the course, you’ll be able to participate in any dive center or training facility. You’ll also be able to go scuba diving

Baina Beach Scuba Diving with Water Sports in Goa – Despite being one of the most affordable packages, this bargain includes a variety of amenities such as lunch, water, and snacks. Watersports are obviously included, and to your surprise, soft beverages are also permitted at Baina Beach.

In addition to these products, there are Combo packages. This combination deal is available on Grande Island. The Goa scuba diving and watersports package includes a variety of watersports activities such as Jetski, bumper ride, banana ride, parasailing, and speedboat. Not only that, but you are also entitled to pick-up and drop-off services under this arrangement, but not everywhere. Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Candolim, and Senquerim are among them. You may dive and explore the ocean for around 15-20 minutes. Other packages, in addition to diving and pickup, include a 5 Watersports ride in Goa, a boxed lunch, diving, and safety. You can photograph and record your diving excursion, but only if you are booking Scuba Diving Goa Package. This diving package does not include drinks or personal expenditures.

You do not need to be a swimmer to go scuba diving in Goa. You may enjoy the dive with on-site instruction.

Scuba diving with Water Sports Package in Goa

One Day Availability : October to April Min Age : 10As previously stated, Grande Island in Goa also offers a combination package. This package of scuba diving and watersports in Goa includes a Jetski, bumper ride, banana ride, parasailing, and a speedboat. You don’t have to be concerned about safety because all Watersports in Goa and other activities are overseen by our qualified specialists. It is open to anybody above the age of ten. 

Snorkeling in Goa

The trip to Grand Island is the most popular boat tour in Goa. If you are looking for excitement, the 7-hour day trip is a necessity. The voyage begins from Sinquerim jetty in the north, and on the route to the island, you will see the Aguada Fort, the jail, and the Millionaire palace, as well as the Arabian Sea’s bending and spinning dolphins. Your excursion will be safe and enjoyable, and you will be able to relax. This is best for all those who do not want to opt for a scuba Diving but can have some fun watching marine lifes from the top of the water using snorkel kit.

Scuba Diving at Grand Island

10-15 Minute Availability : Oct to April Dive Center  Min Age : 12+

Scuba diving near Grand Island in Goa is said to be an excellent experience, with divers permitted to go as deep as 20 metres. This is accomplished by maintaining a 5:5 student-to-instructor ratio, which adds a personal touch. Grand Island dives promise that you will view a variety of beautiful species, and the most important assurance is that you will feel at ease in the presence of an instructor. The reporting location is Sinquerium Resort..

Malvan Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving with Water Sports – Malvan Package

Scuba dive in Malvan is done actually around Goa’s western coastline and feel special as you merge in with the aquatic companions in the water below. The skilled instructors will accompany you and show you how to dive and see the amazing and colorful corals and amphibian life beneath the sea. In addition to Malvan Scuba Diving, you may add Banana Ride, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Speed Boat Ride, and Wake Boarding to your package and feel revived throughout the 10-15 minutes of pure adrenaline rush.

Scuba Diving in Malvan Only

Malvan Scuba Diving comprises 10-15 minutes of diving with an expert where you will be instructed on Scuba Diving. Underwater photography and videography are optional extras to your package. We provide pick-up and drop-off in a shared car, and life jackets and the teacher are included in the package. This activity costs Rs 1999 per person.

Goa Scuba Diving Price

The cost of scuba diving begins at Rs.1499 per person. It also offers pick-up and drop-off services. Other combination Packages include a packaged lunch, water bottles, and watersports activities in Goa. The Grande Island With Scuba Diving are also reasonably priced at Rs.1799 per person. Aside from them, the remainder of the Goa scuba diving packages are as follows.

Price List
The Fun Scuba Diving Goa package, designed for novices, costs Rs.2500 and includes meals. It begins at Calangute but may be picked up in Calangute, Baga, Arpora, and Candolim. This bundle also includes a Jetski ride, a bumper ride, a banana ride, parasailing, and a speed boat. Photographs and videos are also permitted.

Scuba Diving Places in Goa

Goa is a hotspot for watersports. And you’ll never run out of somewhere to stay for you and your friends/family. The Grande Island is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations in Goa. People are drawn to this location because of the crowds and amenities available. However, this is not the only option available. If you don’t get this seat, you have plenty of other possibilities.

There are several diving places in Goa.

Calangute Beach – This is yet another of North Goa’s most anticipated dive sites. Various operators here provide various scuba diving courses as well as adrenaline packages. Here you may learn and enjoy a variety of watersports activities.

Students may also expect to get a PADI certification as expert guides assist them while learning these courses with the correct equipment.

Baga Beach – Seeing the dolphins dance to their own music is the nicest part of Baga Beach. The excursion is made more exciting by the coral reefs and natural splendour.

Malvan Beach – Located in the Maharashtra district of Sindhurdurg, Malvan features one of the most beautiful islands near Goa. Malvan Beach is well-known for its white sand. It takes two hours to get here from Dabolim Airport in Goa. A taxi from Goa to Malvan is also available on a regular basis. However, the bus from Goa to Sawantwadi and then a cab to Malvan will be the cheapest mode of transportation. The scenery is breathtaking.

It is an excellent scuba diving location in Goa, with prices beginning at Rs.2500 per person.
Pigeon beach is located in Murudheshwar, which is 100 kilometres from Goa. However, it takes about an hour to get there. You may enjoy a variety of Watersports activities at cheap prices here.

Sao Gorge is one of the nearest islands to Goa. It just takes 1.5 hours by boat to get here from a distance of 25 kilometres. Because of its shallow water and depths ranging from 4 to 15 metres, it is perfect for scuba diving.

Aside from these, you may visit Netrani Beach, Baina Beach, Nagoa Beach, and others. All of these establishments provide moderate and pleasant rates without sacrificing facilities or services.Above all, you get to capture once-in-a-lifetime events that you will always remember

Learn Scuba Diving in Goa

Goa is unquestionably a fantastic spot to experience adventure and thrill. But it’s not only for that. If you are a motivated learner who wants to learn about the numerous Watersports and on-land activities organized there, you are cordially invited. Our Scuba Diving training allows you to introduce a whole new skill to your life.

After completing your Scuba Diving training in Goa, you will be issued a PADI certificate. These are as follows:
The PADI Advanced Diver Course is a two-day training course. It contains five training diving dives that are performed in two days. It also teaches you how to deep dive up to 30 meters and navigate dives. This is a must-have for anybody who wants to understand the fundamentals of scuba diving.

PADI Open Water Diving Course in Goa – A PADI open water diving course is also available. It is a four-day study program that will thrill you on a whole new level. Starting with the fundamentals of diving, the course teaches you the pro tips of scuba diving, which are recognized globally. Individuals must be able to swim well in order to take this course. You can also go to the next level of this course, which includes PADI Divemaster certification. It enables you to compete globally in Scuba Diving with expert-level abilities.
SSI open water diver training at Goa- in addition to PADI certification, Goa now provides SSI certification. It is also a four-day study course in which you will learn about different areas of scuba diving. This certificate is also validated all around the world. It can take you to a maximum depth of 18 meters. You may also pursue the SSI advanced adventurer certification. This course is popular largely because of its adaptability. Although enrollment demands that you be a skilled swimmer and physically active.

These courses are taught by PADI-certified professional instructors who come from all around the world. All necessary safety precautions and equipment are implemented without fail. There are several venues in and around Goa that provide such courses as well as aquatic sports. You may have fun while learning.

Scuba Diving at Grand Island

Scuba diving near Grand Island in Goa is said to be an excellent experience, with divers permitted to go as deep as 20 metres. This is accomplished by maintaining a 5:5 student-to-instructor ratio, which adds a personal touch. Grand Island dives promise that you will view a variety of beautiful species, and the most important assurance is that you will feel at ease in the presence of an instructor. The reporting location is Sinquerium Resort.

PADI Scuba Diving Certification in Goa

Boost your confidence and Scuba Diving skills by participating in numerous Adventurous Dives under the supervision of your PADI instructors. Dive Goa is ready to assist you by providing a wide choice of SSI and PADI certification courses that are run in accordance with worldwide standards of equipment, safety, and knowledge. The course begins with 5 scuba diving instruction courses over the course of two days.

Best Time for Diving in Goa

When is the best time to dive in Goa?
Are you planning a trip to Goa but aren’t sure when to go? We are here to assist you in creating the perfect Goa vacation for you and your family.

Goa is located on the Arabian Sea coast. As a result, the weather here is unsuitable for aquatic sports all year. Tourists are recommended to visit Goa at a specified time period, especially if they intend to engage in strenuous water sports.

The optimum time to visit Goa is between mid-October and mid-May, i.e. after the monsoon. You may be wondering why. This is because the weather in this season is particularly pleasant, with a dry and mild climate. You will not be fatigued as a result of the weather.

Aside from these months, other months in Goa get moderate to heavy rainfall, making them unsuitable for adventure sports. As a result, only the months of October to May are recommended for safety reasons. And the majority of these Goa Watersports activities take place between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Clear visibility extends up to 10 meters. Scuba Diving in Goa lasts about 15-20 minutes on average. Follow these guidelines to design the ideal Goa vacation.

Dive with Goa Tours Planner

When it comes to organizing a trip, the work gets chaotic and time-consuming. And, in particular, when it comes to Goa plans, the market already offers a plethora of possibilities. However, bundles of possibilities are not always beneficial. They also cause turmoil and confusion. And there is a high possibility of fraud in such planning. So, to eliminate any such concerns from your Goa trip, we are here to assist you. But you’re probably thinking why you should book with us.

There are undoubtedly hundreds of alternatives vying for your attention, but we want to supply you with just what you require. This is why you should go with us-