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Scuba Diving Goa – Scuba diving is a globally popular water sport that is aimed at exploring the underwater sea life at shallow depths. The sport has to be learned properly under expert guidance. Certification is required from the recreational diving associations like the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, (PADI), and Confédération modiale des activités subaquatiques, (CMAS). Expert divers can move on to specialized dives like night diving, shipwreck diving, and cave diving. Physical fitness is of prime importance. People with heart or lung ailments are not allowed to practice or train for the sport. Goa is one of the prime scuba diving destinations in India. It is the best to make use of your holidays in Goa to go for a scuba diving. You are thinking – Scuba Diving in Goa, India? Are the facilities good or safe to dive with? What is diving Like? Come diving with us and you will not be disappointed. The Scuba diving Goa training programs have no fixed Schedule and we try to work around our Customers convenience. We are maybe the first Dive Resort in India offering Scuba Diving Equipment rentals at a competitive international price Diving in Goa may not be world class but the marine life is amazing. The Diving Season in Goa, India is from October to May. Visibility around Goa is normally 4-5 m due to the two rivers, the Mandovi and Zuari meeting the sea. The Dive Sites are mostly shallow around Grande island 6-10 m and the water temperature is around 28 deg C. This makes it’s an ideal place to conduct training. For Dive trips to Netrani, Karnataka Check our Expedition section.

Diving Season In western India The diving season starts in the coast of India from October and ends in mid of may. Soon after the month of May, the sea becomes very rough and the visibility drops down to NIL. Post-May, the sea becomes very rough and the visibility drops down to NIL due to the onslaught of the monsoon. As per Director of Tourism in Goa venturing out in the sea during June to September is prohibited. An alternate option during monsoon may be diving in Quarries and Lakes, which are abundant and yet to be explored. Give us some time and we will be doing that as well. The boat normally leaves at 0900 and returns by 1500 hrs. Scuba Diving Goa The Daily Diving Trips are around Grande Island and Sao Gorge Island. Located about 25 km from our shop and can be reached within one and a half hours by boat. The dives are all shallow 4-14 m (average). The marine species are numerous with lots of hard corals and you can enjoy a very relaxing dive with lots to see. The visibility around the Island varies from 10 m to few feet, average around 4-5 ms. There is a very old metallic shipwreck around the Island. The dive sites have different names but are all located around these two islands. If you are interested in details and features of each of these sites …… Local Dive Sites. Beyond Goa If you have been spoilt by diving always in 10+ m Visibility, we have that as well. We promise you won’t be disappointed diving near Goa. But in case you absolutely want 30 m+ and even more exotic marine life check out our expedition section: Expedition Book now → Rs.1499/- per person *Please contact us using this form to get the best discounted price for your Scuba Dives in Goa. We offer very cheap dives for group bookings.

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wow! best experience of my life. life cannot get bigger than this. super duper trip to Goas border near Malian tarkali. cheaper package compared to Goa scuba dive


Goa Scuba diving package is not just Diving but a complete package including pick and drop, scuba diving with trainer , lunch and lots more. Scuba diving in Goa is a awesome experiences. Coral reef , marine life just mind blowing. Scuba diving at Grande island is surely recommended for it’s clarity and kind of fun dive experience in Goa


Hi Team
i am planning to come to goa this february, planning to do scuba diving.

but i dono swimming, whether it is mandatory to know swiming.

and will there be any discounts provided if i book for two persons

will there be any extra charges, required other than specified amount.

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We are planning to come on October 1st ..all the games and scuba diving will be available?


I want training and diving both

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