DudhSagar Waterfall – A Straddled Waterfall between 2 states of Goa and Karnataka

DudhSagar Waterfall – A Straddled Waterfall between 2 states of Goa and Karnataka

This giant waterfall is one of the largest in India and is accessible from Goa’s Kulem area. Located on the Mandovi River in Goa, this mesmerizing waterfall is a popular tourist destination that attracts backpackers from around the world, round the year. To make the of your trip to this milky waterfall, you need to visit this place at the right time, and might as well go around the state of Goa for a tour with us!

Initially accessible from Karnataka as well, but the entry is stranded due to certain reasons. In this blog we would love to cover some of your questions on how to plan a tour to dudhsagar falls.

Getting To Dudhsagar

After some research and comments from fellow travellers we have come to the conclusion that the best time to visit dudhsagar is from September to April or Early May. The best time to visit any waterfall is no doubt the monsoon season so do check out for that and take your vacation!

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While the journey can be covered a million ways -Through the jungles, through the roads, through the rail – there are many ways of to reach the Dudhsagar falls! (Literal Translation – Dudh: milk; Sagar: sea), and we believe this makes the waterfall all the more special. We assure you the journey is just as mesmerizing.

For Trekkers: While many travellers love to take a trek to the waterfall. You can trek to dudhsagar falls from the Goan borders. This 12 km trek is definitely not for everyone. Though you can go for a jeep safari that takes you through the greens letting you enjoy nature all the way through to the waterfalls. The other routes for trek through rail are prohibited hence if one has to through, they can get to Kulem (Goan borders) and start their trek from there.

Things To Do There: Once at the waterfalls, get ready to enjoy a special Goan buffet because when in the state of Goa, you have got to try their state specialties. You can go for a swim in the ponds around the waterfall. Lifejackets are mandatory for everyone in that area. The area is also a plastic free zone so make sure you do not carry any extra items to avoid the trash. After all it is all about being a responsible traveller.

Go see the spice plantations- If you are coming from another state/country and would love to explore, do go to check out the spice plantations apart from the swimming escapade and a jeep safari around the flora and fauna of this vast waterfall area.

To make the most of your vacay, make sure you set out for the journey early in the morning.

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When in Goa – How to plan the perfect Goa Tour!

Visiting the dudh sagar waterfalls should definitely be on your agenda when planning a gour tour! For the rest of it, there is us! To plan a complete Goa tour that lives up to your expectations and your budget, check out our Goa Tour Plans today! If you can’t find what you are looking for our website is easy to go through or you can quickly get in touch with us at 91-8448449504. To the beach holidays!

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