How safe is Goa from Covid 19 ?

How safe is Goa from Covid 19 ?

Goa being the prominent tourist destination in Goa, Covid-19 outbreak has put all tourism activities on hold. The busiest place like Goa is seeing no moment of people as government has forced all business establishment to close down & maintain social distancing. Goa went into complete lock down from 22nd of March when Hon. Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi urge people of India to get themselves lock-down to break the deadly Covid-19 chain.

Luckily for Goa there were only 7 positive cases of Covid-19 detected till 3rd April our of which all 7 recovered by 18th April and Goa was declared as first Covid-19 free state in India. Though Goa is marked as Green Zone , all Goa borders are sealed, Airways & Railways are non operational to avoid people coming from other states to Goa. Goa Government has done a tremendous job in managing the lockdown & Social Distancing which has helped Goa to stay Covid-19 free state till date. The Goa Medical services and the front line workers including Doctors, Police and other Covid warriors have done marvelous job and deserve every bit of credit in this fight against Corona Virus.

Goa Government is trying hard to revive Tourism in Goa by way of new policies and ideas and expect tourism boom in Goa as soon as the whole Country is marked Green Zone.

For all those who are waiting to come to Goa for their Holidays, Good news is that Goa is well equipped to fight Covid-19 in future and will soon resume with Tourism Industry which is backbone of Goan Economy. As on date Goa is very safe with ZERO Covid-19 cases and chances are Goa will not see any more cases as Govt has continued Social Distancing and Lock-down all over Goa.

I will summarize few doubts one might have in their doubt planing for a Goa Trip.

  • Is Goa Covid-19 free?
    Yes, As on date ( 05-05-2020) when this blog is written, Goa is 100% Safe with ZERO positive cases.
  • Can i do Goa Holiday Planning for June?
    As of now chances of Goa Tourism getting resumed in June is very faint so i would say DO NOT PLAN for June. Even though Goa is in Green Zone, many other neighboring states are in very bad state with many Corona Virus cases .
  • When will Goa Tourism resume after Covid-19?
    If things goes well, and India manage to get the positive count of Covid-19 to ZERO, Goa Tourism can be restarted  soon.
  • Can i travel to Goa during this lock-down?
    No, You cannot cross the Goa borders unless you have a valid travel permits for a genuine cases. This travel permits are issued only to local people who want to come back home or any other individual with string and genuine case like medical emergency etc.
  • Can i book Flight tickets to Goa or can i travel to Goa by train?
    No, You cannot as Flights/Train & buses are not operating in Goa.
  • Are Goan Beaches open for Tourist in this locakdown?
    No, Govt. of Goa has banned entry to the beaches during this local-down period.
  • Is water-sports operational in Goa during Covid-19 outbreak?
    No, there are no tourism activities happening at this time of the year in Goa due to Covid-19 outbreak.
  • Can I drive to Goa as Goa is marked as Green Zone by Govt. of India with ZERO Covid-19 cases?
    No interstate movements are possible other than basic necessities supply trucks and other vehicles with valid travel permit.
  • I am in Green Zone can i travel to Goa as it is also in Green Zone?
    As on date Govt hasn’t declared any Interstate movement. So You cannot even though you are in Green Zone and trying to get into Green Zone.
  • When will Goa Tourism Season start in 2020?
    There is absolutely no updates on this yet as many other states in India are affected with Corona Virus.
  • Can I book Hotel in Goa for December?
    As a Covid-19 outbreak is still very much active and might take few more months before Covid-19 is eradicated completely. We would suggest not to book any hotel till Govt declares some positive news about the Tourism in India as whole.
  • Can I book Tours and day trips for my Goa Trip?
    No, do not book any tours and trips yet as Corona virus outbreak is still not over. Wait for Govt directives on resumption of Tourism Industry .

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