Goa. The land that’s synonymous to an easy life and relaxed mind. The place goes with a devil-may-care attitude, and yet there’s positivity all around. Goa is famous for its partying scenes as much as it is popular for its serenity. The place has the best of both worlds to offer. But there are a few places that you just cannot miss out on while in Goa. Have a look at them yourself.

Dhudhsagar Falls
Dhudhsagar Falls as translated to Sea of Milk provides one of the most spectacular views that Goa can offer. It is a four-tiered waterfall that forms magical bubbles right before it gushes into the Mandovi river. It has been featured in many Bollywood movies for its scenic beauty. There are several ways to reach the waterfalls. However, the safest way to reach the place is through a jeep safari. The base of this waterfall lies in Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary. The Goa forest department has come up with a service called jeep safari for tourists to be able to enjoy it to its fullest. In order to be able to take this jeep safari, you first need to reach a place called Kulem in Goa. There are various car rentals in South Goa that can take you to this place. After booking and paying for your safari, the driver divides you in a group of 7 and starts the adventurous journey where you can find yourself amidst dense forests and river streams. The ride is quite rocky but offers a beautiful view of the woods. The jeep then drops you at a trekking point where after trekking for about 15-20 minutes on a forest patch you are greeted by the beautiful waterfall. The view alone is enough to rejuvenate you from all the stress and problems of life.

Butterfly Beach
Butterfly beach offers one of the most surreal experiences that you can receive in Goa. This beach is located at northern end of Palolem beach and is in the shape of a semicircle, covered with hills on each side. To be on this beach is an absolute bliss as the abyssal depths of the sea in front and butterflies all around makes it look like a scene right out of the movies. This beach is one of those hidden beaches of Goa which is yet not explored by many tourists. However, car rentals in South Goa are familiar with this place and can easily take you there.

Club Cabana
Club Cabana is one of the most happening nightclubs of Goa. It is quite popular among millennials for its beautiful location and phenomenal interiors. It is located on the top of Arpora hill and offers a majestic view of the city. After a designated point, you have to take the club’s jeep to reach the club. The club offers a quite fancy seating area like canopies and couches throughout the property. Club Cabana is built quite like a majestic fort which provides modern facilities to the new age party generation. There’s something for everyone. If you like to do crowd watching, you can pick a quiet corner, or if you want to enjoy the true essence of partying and lose control, you can tear up one of their dancing floors.

Anjuna Beach Flea Market
Who doesn’t love a flea market? Anjuna beach organizes a flea market every Wednesday. The market is usually crowded with tourists from all over the world. It’s quite a scene to watch. You can bargain all you want and buy local products that remind you of Goa all your life. The kind of products that this market offers cannot be found at any other place in Goa. Also, it’s a great way to socialize with locals and learn more about the area.

So go ahead and make the best out of Goa’s beauty!