Monsoon Special Trips

Monsoon Watersports in Goa

Goa Water Sports in Monsoon Water Sports in Goa During Monsoon Watersports in Goa during monsoon season are now possible

Adventure Boat Party Trip

There are different Boat trips available in Goa. Adventure party boat is one such awesome boat trip in Goa which

Monsoon Watersports at Private Island

Traditional tourist seasons end in Goa in the month of June and commence back in October. The period between the

Spice Plantation Tour

India is well known for its spices all over the world. With suitable climates for growing spices, Goa too have

Water Rafting Goa

Water Rafting in Goa Normally known Goa for its beautiful beaches, scenic surrounding, historic places and friendly hospitality of Goan

Monsoon Goa Waterfall Special

Goa is very quite during rainy season as most season tourism activities are non operational. Trip to Dudhsagar waterfall in

Monsoon in Goa & Monsoon Trips in Goa

The month of June to September is considered to be the off-season in Goa where you see maximum rainfall in Goa. Monsoon in Goa starts early June and can even extend up to mid of October where average rainfall in Goa is approx 950 mm. If you love rain and greenery, monsoon in Goa experience is the best you can have.

Many tourists prefer visiting Goa during monsoon not just for their love for nature but also because of economic reasons. There are many reasons why one loves to visit Goa during the peak rainy season. Here are some of them for you

Reason for visiting Goa in Monsoon

  • Super cheap flights to Goa from any part of the world. Check out the pricing they are almost the half the pricing compared to season time especially domestic flights to Goa and back. similarly for buses plying to Goa from different parts of India are also cheap.
  • The natural beauty of Goa in Monsoon – Goa at its peak when it comes to Greenery and its natural beauty. Rivers are full, fields are cultivated, lush green surrounding, cool and rainy weather.
  • Rain in Goa – It’s absolutely magic to get wet in rain in Goa. Goa sees one of the highest rainfall in Goa after chirapunji.
  • Goa Festivals in monsoon-  Many different festivals celebration in Goa during monsoon are San Jao, Wata Poornima, Nagpanchami and many more.
  • Food – Availability of wide variety of foods during monsoon in Goa makes it even more preferred holiday destination in the rainy season. Many offshore shacks, local restaurants are still in full flow serving authentic cuisines to its visitors in Goa during monsoon.
  • Night Life in Goa during monsoon – Be its season time or not Goa never disappoint the party lovers. Goa is considered to be Party paradise for its wide selection of decent nightlife likes of Club Titos, Club Cubana, Mambos, LPK and many more.
  • Monsoon Trips in Goa – Last but not the least, availability of adventure water-sports in backwaters of Goa, water sports in malvan near to Goa Maharashtra border, sightseeing Trips like South Goa Tour, North Goa Tour, monsoon waterfall of Goa at Harvalem, Adventure Boat trip in Panjim, Flyboarding and Jetlev sports in Goa.