Scuba Diving experience in Goa

A wonderful option to try water sports in Goa is to go scuba diving.
Scuba diving is absolutely for you if you’re visiting Goa and want to attempt some adventurous activities. Goa is a great place to dive since Grande Island, close to Baina Beach, offers the best diving with an abundance of corals, marine life, and shipwrecks.
From the month of October to May, when the water is incredibly clean and underwater visibility is excellent, is the greatest time to go diving in Goa. In south Goa, there are numerous dive locations close to Grande Island. Of course, Grande Island is the best. Contact some local dive shops if you’re unsure how to travel to this island to do scuba diving.

Scuba Diving Goa Package
Customers having fun underwater in Goa

These businesses provide a variety of scuba diving trips in Goa. The cost of scuba diving in Goa ranges from Rs 2000 for a recreational dive to Rs 7000 for a professional dive including a pool session and a dive certificate.

Scuba Diving Boat Goa
Scuba Diving Boat parked at Grande Island

If you are certain that you want to dive in Goa, you must make an appointment with one of these diving shops. You must reserve your seat in advance to avoid disappointment at the last minute due to the significant influx of tourists in Goa during the peak travel season. If you are new to diving and have never done it before, I would advise going on a fun dive. For those who wish to try diving for the first time without spending a lot of money, there is fun or shallow dive. This dive takes place in Goa’s shallow waters close to an island. Anyone who is physically fit and at ease in the water is welcome to undertake this dive in Goa. This dive requires a BCD.

Scuba Diving Goa

For this dive, you’ll need a BCD jacket, which will let you to float like a fish while wearing your underpants, fins to swim, an oxygen cylinder and mask for breathing underwater, and a cap if you have ear issues.

This dive center offers all of this equipment at no additional cost. All rental fees for diving gear, instruction, the actual dive, and images and films of the dive underwater are included and not additional.
All of the instructors are PADI certified, and they will help you dive safely and comfortably. Prior to the dive, you must pay close attention and pay close attention to the directions because doing so will make your duty much simpler.

Dive Day You must arrive at the dive shop by 7 am on the day of your dive for your pool session, during which you will learn the majority of the diving-related information. This training is crucial since it will make you more at ease and prepared to dive underwater. The only means of communication while submerged is through signs that are taught to you during training sessions as there is no ability to speak underwater. You receive a quick orientation before being transported by speedboat to Grande Island. Depending on the Goa scuba package you chose, you can receive some snacks and liquids

You’re diving for the day aboard a boat with 20 to 30 additional individuals. Everyone will receive a time slot, and you will be given a DIVE master. You will have to wait for your turn before you can experience the dive because there are only a maximum of 3–4 DIVE masters.

One of their crew members will use a Go Pro camera to take photos and videos underwater throughout the dive. At the conclusion of the dive, you will receive this snapshot and video on your handheld device or smartphone. Follow these guidelines to dive without panic. After the dive, they might provide you with lunch and refreshments before you return to the diving shop for your next destination.