Goa Tourist Covid updates -May 2021

Goa Tourist Covid updates -May 2021

This information is for all the people who are planning to make a trip to Goa this summer. The Covid-19 situation in Goa is not the best presently where Covid positive rate is on an average 50% per day & high mortality rate too.

Goa CM Hon. Pramod Sawant has declared strict curfew from 9th May to 23rd May where in only essential services will remain open for the general public. He also mentioned about the requirements of compulsory negative Covid-19 certificate or the Vaccination Certificate to enter Goa from next week onward.

Looking at the current situation in Goa, it is best in the interest of the Tourist to avoid Goa plans for few days till the situation is under control and country achieves total vaccination success. Goa being the tourist destination, locals have started to feel pain of financial crises already and hope for the best Tourist season shortly. We will keep you posted about the updates and latest guidelines for Goa Travel whenever its made available by the government.

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