Goa Flyboarding

Flying high in the air is everyone’s dream and how fantastic it can be if you can fly above the sea waves. All exciting  trip in Goa is here flyboarding in goa. The flyboarding India is first of its kind will now operating out of beautiful Chopdem Jetty of Chapora. The trip is newest and most awaited watersports for adventure lover visiting Goa.  Flyboarding price in Goa is unbelievably low as we are tied up with Indias only flyboarding provider – Flyboard Nation. Flyboarding Goa price is unbeatable when you book the trip with us.

We at Goa Tours Planner in association with Flyboard Nation provide three different exciting packages to suite your budget. Anyone who is 13 and above years of age can participate. There different flyboarding packages in Goaare as follow

  • 15 min flyboarding Package cost Rs.3500/- only
  • 20 min flyboarding Package cost Rs.5000/- only
  • 30 min flyboarding Package cost Rs.7000/- only

We have a professional team of flyboarding experts to provide you with training prior to your actual flyboarding and also ensure you have fun filled flyboarding experience in Goa.

How does Flyboarding work in Goa?

It is strapped to the feet of the user and is connected to a jet ski by a hose. The power of the jet ski is what propels the water through the hose. The water is propelled out beneath the Flyboard allowing the user to fly in upwards of 30 to 35 ft above the water.

What is the maximum Height one can fly in Goa flyboarding?

One can fly maximum height of 15m on a majority of flyboards.

Besides Flyboarding in Goa, there are few other good flyboarding destinations in the world.

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  • Flyboarding in Bali
  • Flyboarding  in Pattaya
  • Flyboarding in Thailand
Flyboarding in Goa

Tour Reviews

3.75 based on 4 reviews

Probably the best thing to do in Goa. Newly started Fly boarding is an awesome way to enjoy your day in Goa. I swear you won’t regret the decision of taking Fly boarding in Goa which happens in chapora river near vagator beach. Lovely experience..Highly recommend for adventure lover. Chance to feel like Hristik Roshan in movie Bang Bang. Superb


Fly boarding is one of the best activities in goa. If you love adventures, your goa trip will not be complete without this. This is one of the best activities I have done in my life


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The trip was amazing especially the Fly Boarding activities which they provided us which I really enjoyed a lot. Grand Island, scuba diving, snorkeling along with the beauty of underwater marine life was the best experience in Goa.

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