Dinner Cruise in Goa | Mandovi River Evening Cruise

Dinner Cruise in Goa | Mandovi River Evening Cruise

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Goa, the most beautiful coastal city in India, is known for its stunning sun-kissed beaches, exciting nightlife, vibrant culture, and laid-back vibe. However, Goa also offers another adventurous experience, and that is going on a dinner cruise in Goa on the Mandovi River. This luxury dining option gives you an enriching experience with beautiful views, and you also get to enjoy the local delicacies of Goa. So, if you are in Goa, do not miss the experience of a dinner cruise on the Mandovi River. Want to learn more about this cruise? The article shares a comprehensive guide on the same.

Starting your sailing journey with a luxury dinner on a boat

With the sun setting and the sky turning a warm, glowing ball of orange fur, you embark on this beautiful dinner cruise journey. It usually starts at dusk, with a gentle breeze keeping you excited. The luxurious boat with its twinkling lights and elegant decor makes for an indulgent and fun night. There are a few dinner cruise options that River Mandovi provides; depending on what you want, you choose one. The options include:

Sunset Dinner Cruise—Goa

If you want to enjoy the views of the setting sun, book the sunset dinner cruise. The shadow of the sun setting on the water makes for a beautiful backdrop. The dinner cruise runs for 2 hours, offering the most delectable Indian cuisine. 

Evening dinner Mandovi River Cruise

Want a romantic dinner cruise experience? Then, choose the evening dinner Mandovi River cruise, which includes live entertainment and a dining experience, and it is an ideal experience for all romantic couples. 

Party-at-Goa Cruise Dinner

Want to experience an exciting dinner experience? Then, this party-goa cruise dinner experience is ideal for you as it allows you to not only indulge in good food but also good music and dancing, which keeps the atmosphere lively. This dinner cruise option is ideal for young travelers. 

The Best Gastronomic Delight: A True Goan Feast

The Mandovi River dinner cruise offers some of the best food extravaganza. The buffet offered by the cruise consists of Indian cuisine and the local cuisine of Goa. The mix of both means a culinary delight for the tourists. The feast includes:

  • Complimentary drinks: Choose two from beers, whiskey, wine, soft drinks, and vodka.
  • Dinner includes 10 items: 2 vegetables, 1 non-vegetarian dish, rice, dal, salaf, pickles, curd, chapati, and dessert.

Whether you try the dessert or the main course, you will feel joy while enjoying the delicious food, as everything is full of flavor and will satisfy your taste buds well. 

Dinner Cruise in Goa: A Complete Package

If you book the Goa dinner cruise package, you will get to enjoy a complete package. It includes:

  • Welcome to the cruise with drinks. After that, enjoy the unique experience for 2.5 hours on the beautiful River Mandovi. 
  • After you get comfortable on the ship, enjoy the views of the beautiful landmarks of Goa and even the floating casino. 
  • Dance to the happening beats of popular Bollywood classic melodies, which the DJ will be playing.
  • Enjoy your three-course meal full of Indian delicacies and local cuisines. 

Let’s Understand All these in Detail.

Celebrating the Goan spirit

On your dinner cruise, start your cruise experience by raising a toast to the spirit of Goa and its nightlife. On the luxury dinner cruise, you will get welcome drinks, which you can choose as per your liking. Also, there is an open bar stocked with cocktails, refreshing mocktails, fine wine, and other beverages. Sipping a chilled mix of drinks as you see the beautiful Goan night sky is the best feeling ever. 

Entertainment abroad The Mandovi River Dinner Cruise in Goa

On the cruise, you will also get to enjoy entertainment. It can range from live music performances to dance recitals and more. Dancing to Goan beats and music along with local dancers will enchant you. 

Views from the ship

From the ship, you will enjoy some of the best views, which include breathtaking scenes of colonial-era buildings, picturesque backdrops, and more. From below the deck, you can capture beautiful photos and make memories for life.

Embrace local tradition.

The dinner cruise in Goa is not just about the delicious cuisine and scenic beauty of Goan architecture. It is also more! You learn a lot about traditional music and dances and have interactive sessions that highlight the traditions and customs of the local people. When you interact with the local people, you will learn more about the culture and people, which is the best part of the dinner cruise in Goa.

Price of a dinner cruise in Goa

  • If you choose the dinner cruise on the Mandovi River, the price is INR 1,200 per adult.
  • The ticket for the same cruise for kids between 5 and 10 years old is INR 1000, while kids below 4 years old eat for free.
  • The party ticket is INR 1,000 per person, without dinner. 


The Mandovi River Dinner Cruise appeals to everyone because it makes travelers slow down. The cruise offers you the chance to indulge in your senses while embracing the beautiful views the present moment of your cruise offers you. The cruise with live music, DJs, delicious food, and dances will entertain you and keep you happy. Let the Goa magic unfold before your eyes to have an unforgettable evening ahead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the dinner cruise in Goa last?

The Mandovi River Dinner Cruise mostly lasts for 2 hours and depends on the weather conditions and traffic. One of the most preferred cruises on the Mandovi River, it is a great activity to be part of. The boat ride also comprises plated snacks, a dinner buffet, and a welcome drink.

Is booking the dinner cruise during the monsoon season okay?

You must avoid booking the cruise during the monsoon season, i.e., from June to September. It is because the rough waters and heavy rainfall will create problems. 

Can children come on this cruise?

Yes, children are welcome on the cruise. Kids below 4 years old do not have any tickets, but 4–10 have to pay INR 1000, and those above 11 have adult charges of INR 1200.

How far is the cruise from Goa Airport?

It is 24.7 km away from the airport, and you can reach it using private cabs.

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