You have always dreamt of visiting Goa and after so many canceled plan you are finally going! You would definitely want to make the most of your Goa trip but no matter the sources, all you will find online are the cliches: crowded dirty beaches, overpriced hotels, costly car rentals, etc. This article will help you execute a wholesome trip to the party capital- Goa.

People visit Goa for many different reasons: some go just for the cheap booze, some for beaches, others for adventure sports, and some others for seafood. No matter what you are looking to accomplish from your Goa trip, you need to know the basics to make sure that you visit the places you wanted to and that too, within your trip budget. Here are a few things you should do if you are planning to visit Goa ever in your life.

Plan Your Trip

People often forget that Goa is a state (the smallest one tho) but not a city. Unless you have loads of money and lots of free time, you definitely have to plan your Gao trip – both money and day wise. List down things you want to do and places you want to visit. Allot a part of your budget and a portion of your visit to it. People often return from Goa with the feeling of missing out on many things that they planned to do on their trip. Only with good planning, you can complete a fulfilling Goa trip.

Commuting Within And Outside The State

This is one of the most important things of Goa that should definitely know about. People often hire local taxis right from the airport and use them to travel to different places too. Local taxis are very expensive in Goa and a few con taxi drivers exploit tourists as they don’t know directions. Hire car in Goa from reputed car rentals like Goa Tours Planner. We provide all kind of cars, 13/16 seaters, airport pickup/drop service, and many more.

Try Adventure Sports

Your trip to Goa is definitely incomplete without adventure sports and who doesn’t like adventure? The thing is trying adventure sports on your own is not advised because of two reasons: i) It could be gravely dangerous, and ii) You won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Goa Tours Planner offers all kinds of adventure sports such as Scuba Diving, Flyboarding, watersports, water rafting, and many more. We also provide offers (cost-effective package deal) on the booking of different combos of adventure sports.

Best Stays In Goa

Goa can be very tricky in terms of stays, especially when you are running low on budget. There are many stay options, but not many under the cheap category. Search smartly for stays in Goa. You can either go for hut stays with the experience of sea breeze, beautiful sunrises, and sunsets or you can try cheap stays in the scorching Goa heat. You can also opt for homestays to get to know the local culture in a better way. From guest stays, boutique resorts and city hotels to budget hotels or 5-star hotels, Goa Tours Planner provide hotels in Goa at the best price. Book a hotel for your Goa trip now!

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