Goa is very quite during rainy season as most season tourism activities are non operational. Trip to Dudhsagar waterfall in monsoon is not allowed by the government of Goa. Feeling along the trek to reach the fall is also not allowed neither you can hire Jeep in rainy days to reach foot of the fall. With not so many touring options, monsoon nature trip becomes the major attraction.

Monsoon Nature Trip- this trip offers visit to Goa’s second largest waterfall Harvalem Fall, this beautiful fall becomes beautiful and more vibrant with ongoing rain and attracts tourist during monsoon season. The trip also include visit ancient paanch pandavas cave. The biggest attraction of this trip is visit to 13th Century ShivavTemple at Tambdi surla. The temple is unique in its way as it’s master piece carved on single rock and also due to it beautiful location in serene surroundings. Your visit to Goa is not complete without visit to Spice farm in Linda taluka of Goa. Here you will have a chance to do Spice plantation tour followed by mouth watering buffet lunch. On the way back we will take you to Goa’s major attraction Him Jesus of Basilica church in Old Goa. The trip will end on high note with filming chakkar boat trip in mandolin river. So if you are in Goa during monsoon season do not get disheartened thinking what to do in Goa

Monsoon nature trip is for everyone. Go ahead and block your seat now as limited seats are reserved for the day. Some of the highlight of the Trips are as follow

  • Visit to Harvalem Falls Goa second Highest Waterfall in Goa
  • Visit to Ancient panch Pandava Caves in Sanquelim
  • One of the unique experience to explore 13th Century single rock carved Shiva Temple in Tambdi Surla
  • Goa Famous Spice Plantation for tour and buffet lunch

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