Underwater Scuba Diving Selfie Shot With Selfie Stick
Underwater Goa scuba diving selfie shot with a selfie stick. Deep blue sea at Grande Island
  1. Do not book a Goa Scuba package from a roadside vendor; they will sell you a cheap Goa Scuba package and scam you. Roadside vendors are big-time con artists who will promise a 30-40 minute dive for a mere 2000 rupees. They may even include free Goa water rides with the Scuba package at Grande Island. Remember to book your first scuba diving experience in Goa only with a genuine travel agent who is registered with the Goa Tourism Development Corporation. Before entering into any deal or agreement to book a Goa scuba diving package, request that they provide their Tourism certificate. Before you book your diving in Goa, conduct extensive research.
  2. Request a PADI-certified dive master for your Goa dive.
    Many scuba diving operators in Goa do not follow the proper guidelines for running a diving center. A legitimate dive center will have a swimming pool for diving training. The dive master will prepare the divers for the actual dive in the sea. This training for your first dive in Goa can take up to two hours. Only after receiving proper training can anyone attempt deep sea diving under the supervision of a DIVE Master.
  3. Shallow Dive in Goa – Those who are new to diving should choose a shallow dive or fun dive. This dive is designed for those who want to try diving in Goa but are afraid of deep sea diving. This dive is for those who do not know how to swim.
  4. What to eat and what not to eat.- If you’re diving, you should avoid eating anything heavy for at least an hour before your dive. Food consumption can cause sea sickness or stomach upset before the dive. Keep it simple with light snacks, wafers, and water.
  5. Diving at Grande Island – Grande Island is Goa’s most famous diving location, with high visibility and a plethora of underwater life, marine species, coral reefs, and shipwrecks. Many operators will mislead you about Grande Island; make sure they take you to the correct dive center near Grande Island and not elsewhere.
  6. BCD Jacket- A type of diving equipment that divers wear to maintain neutral buoyancy underwater and positive buoyancy at the surface. Request that your dive operator provides you with a BCD jacket for your dive. This is essential for becoming comfortable in the water. Also, make certain that you are provided with a clean and unused BCD jacket for your dive, as this will ensure hygiene.
  7. The mouthpiece is a regulator because it allows you to breathe underwater. The first stage of the regulator connects to your scuba tank and moves air from the tank when you inhale.
    This diving equipment must be clean and sterile. One mouthpiece for each diver eliminates the possibility of diseases such as Corona. Before you dive, make sure to request an unused mouthpiece.
  8. Photos and Videos of Diving in Goa
    After your dive in Goa, every dive center will provide you with digital copies of your diving photos and videos. Carry your own pen drive or portable disc to store your dive data.
  9. Traveling by Airplane
    If you have taken a dive, make sure you do not fly within 24 hours. This can be extremely harmful to your health. Please book your return flight after your flight has completed 24 hours.
  10. Goa Diving for Non-Swimmers – The final but most important point to remember if you are a non-swimmer looking to go diving in Goa. It is perfectly acceptable to take a dive even without prior swimming experience. Your Dive Master will always guide and assist you in getting into the water and receiving all necessary training to remain calm underwater.

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