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There are many different days trips organised by different travel agents in Goa. We here at goa tours planner will help you to plan your holiday and design your goa trips as per your requirements and budget. Please Visit our local office ETRAVELS Ph: 91-832-2275580 91-9823417593 in Baga Beach for best rates for your goa trips. Or you can drop us a mail at


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North Goa Tour

South Goa Tour

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trip

Crocodile Trip

Scuba Diving

Dolphin Trip

Spice Farm

Snorkeling - Grande Island Trip

Day With Elephants

Water Sports

Jungle Adventure

Goa Rafting
Goa Rafting is one of the newest water sports and gaining rapid popularity among youth allover. Rafting in Goa is considered to be one of the hidden gem which was hidden from the world until Southern River Adve...
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Hot Air Balloon Ride Goa
sightseeing tour with a difference a hot air balloon ride at Goa
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Amphibious Vehicle Ride in Goa
An amphibious vehicle also known as amphibian is a vehicle used for transportation on land as well as on or under water.Various. Different types of Amphibious vehicles are amphibious cars, trucks, bicycles, bus...
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Island Trip with watersports
Escape into the land of lush greenery and serene waters which is just 300 yards off the shores of Ribandar. This opens ocean playground in stocked with unlimited exciting water-sports activities
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ATV Bikes in Goa

Sea Planes Goa
Time to fly above the Goans beaches by amphibious aircraft now in Goa.
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Space Simulator
A unique adventure trip in Goa is now called a space simulator. Revolving around in 3D direction in a safest possible way is now in Goa.
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Island Picnic + Water Sports

Luxury yacht cruise - Free Spirit

Surfing in Goa

Helicopter ride in Goa
Another breathtaking adventure Helicopter joy ride is now in Goa.
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Powered Paragliding
Powered paragliding is a thrilling experience to fly in the sky above beautiful goans beaches
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PaintBall in Goa
Paintball is games played between two teams using paint in the paintball gun and shooting on opponents outplaying them with dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs.
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Valentine Day in Goa
Special Trip for couple on 14th Feb
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Kayaking in Goa

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